The Cateran Ecomuseum

The new Cateran Ecomuseum is a museum without walls, all its sites are outside. Designed to reveal the hidden history of Cateran Country by the community who live here,

it tells the story of its people, places and landscapes from pre-history to the present day and staying with Vanora’s Cottages means you are ideally located for enjoying this brand new cultural tourism destination!

Situated on the 500-million-year-old Highland Boundary Fault – the great geological feature that divides the Scottish Highlands from the Lowlands – the Cateran Ecomuseum’s human history stretches back through millennia with sites identified from Neolithic times.

There are Pictish Stones to excite your curiosity, unknown stories from the legends of King Arthur and the Irish Giant Finn mac Cumhaill, contemporary histories of the Scottish Traveller Community, important events linked to the great Jacobite rebellions and fables of the Caterans themselves, the Highland clan warriors who came to be associated with cattle raiding.

You can discover the history of Scotland’s Berry Capital, Blairgowrie, and visit the site of its Victorian Textile Mills, walk a part of the Highland Boundary Fault in Alyth and enjoy its well preserved old town centre. A hike along the Cateran Trail, one of Scotland’s great long distance footpaths will take you across magical Glenshee to the small villages of Kirkmichael and Glenisla, offering you spectacular views through huge landscapes sculpted by glaciation and traversed by old drove roads and ancient rights of way.

You can visit and enjoy Ecomuseum sites through a series of itineraries that have been locally designed for walkers, cyclists and those visiting by car, visit find out more.

There are also castles aplenty in easy reach of Alyth, from Glamis to Dunnottar, Blair Castle to Scone Palace.

Dundee, with its excellent Museums about the Jute Industry and RSS Discovery is only 35 minutes drive away.